Monday 16th December 2019
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Welcome to our programme of Scottish working holidays!


There are still a few opportunities to get invovled in a Thistle Camp during 2019 but we're working hard on our programme for next year! If you would like to be automatically updated when it is launched email us at   

Are you an avid gardener keen to get first hand experience at a historic propety? Maybe you're a lover of wild places who would like to help care for a favourite mountain? Or perhaps the challenge of taking part in a totally different kind of holiday, where you can contibute directy to the conservation of some very special places appeals? 

If so, you're in the right place!  We have a fantastic range of opporunities available so whether you want to get to grips with tradional techniques such as drystone dyking or scything or help us uncover the past with the Trust's archaeology team there is something to suit a range of interests.  If you're feeling really energetic our activity projects are a great option! 

Don’t forget to opt in to our short notice updates when applying we can can keep you informed of changes in availability!


A working holiday may sound like an odd idea, but you’d be surprised – the National Trust for Scotland’s Thistle and Trailblazer Camps offer more fun, excitement and achievement than you’d ever have on the average week off.  If you’re passionate about conservation, getting outdoors, or simply enjoy getting your hands dirty, then read on – you could make a real difference to Scotland’s natural heritage!

Our working holidays are residential projects based at National Trust for Scotland properties that help the NTS, Scotland’s leading conservation charity, to conserve and manage the historic locations under its care. Participants will live and work in some of Scotland’s most remarkable and remote places over a week or so of exciting and rewarding experiences. No prior experience is required for most of our camps, as work is always fully explained and techniques demonstrated. The camps are made up of eight to twelve volunteers of many ages and backgrounds. As a volunteer you’ll be sharing your accommodation, be it a basic bothy or a luxury farmhouse, with your fellow campers, chipping in on the communal tasks of cooking and cleaning.


Please note that we use a variety of accommodation and places are offered based on a gender balance that works for each project.  Unfortuantely our website is unable to show whether remaining places are male or female.