Student at the forge from previous workshop

All LHIS projects are delivered with an educational component to better integrate conservation works within their wider communities. In this case the Trust is working with the Royal Commission of Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland to deliver a series of workshops at Culross Primary School to engage students with the historic environment and its management.

Students will learn how to read urban environments and understand how towns and cities evolve over time. Lessons will include a field study session at The Cross where students will prepare a visual scrapbook of those elements which make Culross special.

The second element of the educational programme will take this knowledge and use it to design a pair of gates for numbers 6 & 7 The Cross which will provide a lasting legacy of the workshops. Working with an artist-blacksmith, students will be introduced to wrought iron, its characteristics, and how it is worked to form objects of both utility and beauty.Gates by The Blazing Blacksmith

The visual scrapbook will be used to design motifs to be integrated into the gate design and students will be invited to the forge to try their hand at blacksmithing. The education programme is scheduled to run through November and December 2013.