Explore the world with membership

A National Trust for Scotland membership isn’t just the key to Scotland’s treasures. It also opens up a whole world of heritage for members to explore. We have agreements with similar organisations around the globe which mean that NTS members can visit for free.We’ve listed their websites here, so you can start planning your trip.  


UK (England, Wales & Northern Ireland): the National Trust - www.nationaltrust.org.uk

USA National Trust for Historic Preservation - www.nationaltrust.org

USA The Georgia Trust - www.georgiatrust.org

USA Royal Oak Foundation - www.royal-oak.org

USA Scottish Heritage USA - www.scottishheritageusa.org

Australia - www.nationaltrust.org.au

Barbados National Trust - www.barbadosnationaltrust.org

Bermuda - www.bnt.bm

The Bahamas - www.bnt.bs

Canada - www.heritagecanada.org

Cayman Islands - www.caymannationaltrust.org

Fiji - Email: nationaltrust@is.com.fj (no website)

Guernsey - www.nationaltrust-gsy.org.gg

India - www.intach.org

Isle of Man - www.gov.im/mnh

Italy - www.fondoambiente.it

Jamaica - www.jnht.com

Jersey - www.nationaltrustjersey.org.je

Malaysia - www.badanwarisan.org.my

Malta - www.dinlarthelwa.org

Netherlands - www.glk.nl (Geldersch Landschap & Kersteelen)

New Zealand - www.openspace.org.nz and www.historic.org.nz

Republic of Ireland - www.antaisce.org

Zimbabwe - Email: rastumbles@mango.zw (no website)