Malleny National Rose Collection


The rose collection at Malleny was enhanced in the 1960s by the former owners, Mr and Mrs Gore-Browne Henderson, with roses given to them by Major Hog of Newliston House, Kirkliston. After the property was gifted to the National Trust for Scotland in 1968 more roses were added and National Collection status was awarded in September 1986.


Some of the roses to be found in the NTS collection are species.  These wild found forms are the original source for the hybrids we know and love today.

Often the flowers of species are small and single, occasionally a natural sport of variation would occur. These naturally occurring forms were collected and grown on in gardens or nurseries. 

Species roses are the true wild forms found throughout the northern hemisphere.  Many species roses occur in the UK and you may well be familiar with the single pink dog rose found in the countryside.

For more details on the collection of rose species at Malleny Gardens download the PDF below.

Download species collection


Most hybrids roses we know today are a result of the expertise of the rose breeder by crossing and back crossing over many years. 

The National Trust for Scotland several has good collections of roses at the following gardens Malleny Garden, Drum Castle and Garden, Crathes Castle and Estate, House of Dun, Threave Gardens.

For more details on the collection of rose hybrids at Malleny Gardens download the PDF below. 

Download hybrid collection