Graham Riddell

Photographer Graham Riddell was born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire in 1957.

He moved to Edinburgh in 1982 and settled in Innerleithen in 1996.

Graham originally applied to Photography College in Edinburgh but was not offered a place and instead studied graphic design in Glasgow, before settling into a career in sales and marketing.

Graham’s love for photography began when he borrowed his father’s Kodak Box Brownie camera on a family holiday when he was fourteen years old.

Graham’s photographic eye captures the elegance and essence of his surroundings by focusing on clean lines, colours and tones to create images that are condensed, clear translations of his emotional reactions to a scene.

In 2004, Graham started a photography business; three years later he was working full-time .

Graham’s professional photography ranges from landscape images to commercial and private commissions. He was very generous with his time working for us on Future/Past.

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