Please come to Crathes Castle, Garden and Estate via the A93 and the main driveway. Competitors parking will be in the Guide Field which is located 500m up the main drive and on the left hand side. This is for competitors only and will be free of charge. The access road is likely to be busy so please make sure you leave plenty of time. As this is our biggest race to date, we encourage you to car share where possible. Public parking is at the top of the main drive. Parking is free for members of the National Trust for Scotland and £2 for non-members. Both the competitors parking and public parking will be signposted and parking stewards will be in attendance.

For directions view map


Registration takes place in the marquee on the castle lawn between 10:15 and 11:30am. Please arrive in plenty of time – you will need to collect your race number and your t-shirt. Race numbers include a built in race chip, both number and chip are personal to each registered runner, so it is essential that you are the person who is registered to run.

Please ensure that your race number is clearly displayed on the front of your running vest/T shirt/jacket.

 Bag Drop

At the bottom of your race number there is a tag for the bag drop. If you would like to use the complimentary bag drop, please attach this tear-off tag to your bag. The bag drop will be at the other side of the registration marquee.

 T-shirts and Goodie Bags

T-shirts and goodie bags will be available from 10:15am to 3:00pm from the gazebo next to the registration marquee. We will try to ensure that everyone will get the t-shirt size they have requested; if you would like a different t-shirt size to the one you requested, please stop by after you’ve completed the race to check if we have spare sizes available.

 Race Start

12 noon. Assemble outside the Castle/beside the Finish arch at 11.45am.


The route starts up a hill (about 300m) behind the Finish arch. You run up the hill and under the archway and then eventually out past the Go Ape activities and on to the minor roads to the north of the Estate. Please take particular care on the Estate tracks as they can be a little bumpy and uneven. We don’t want you tripping up so near the start!

Once out on the tarmac roads you will be guided by marshals (in high visibility vests) and the usual signposted arrows (black arrows on a yellow background). There are also mile markers at each mile point. There will be several “Caution Runners” signs posted near road junctions. However, please be aware that the roads will remain open and so you need to remain vigilant and use road safety sense at all times. We would ask you to please run on the right hand side of the tarmac roads!

Just after the 5 mile marker you will reach the first off road section. This section continues for about 1.5 miles. After about 600 metres on this section some large boulders have been placed across the track, however, there is a gap large enough to run through. You will then carry straight on as directed by the signs.

The second off road section is at around 9.5 miles into the route and lasts about 1 mile (at the end of which you will get to the third water station).

Both off road sections are pretty flat and the track is of a decent standard. The surface is not as smooth as tarmac and so please take care, especially if you are not used to running off road. Eventually you will arrive back at the Crathes Estate and run back along the track past the Go Ape activities and down to the Finish!

Route Map

 Altitude and Descent

The half marathon is run predominantly on the flat, but there are areas of ascent and descent. These are marked on the altitude graph.

Altitude Graph

 Water Stations

There are 3 water stations on the route – at 4 miles, at 7 miles and at about 10.5 miles. The water is provided in small bottles which will be opened prior to being handed to you by the marshals. When you are finished with your water please drop your bottle on the side of the road or in bins provided, so that it can easily be collected later. Please do not throw the bottle into the long grass, hedges and fields as this makes their recovery much more difficult – and we want to leave the countryside as we found it. The location of water stations is clearly marked on the route map.

Route Map

 MP3 Players

We would strongly urge you not to have an MP3/iPod with you. Although the roads are generally quiet, they will all remain open during the race. As such, you have a responsibility to be able to hear vehicles which may be coming your way and to be in a position to take action to avoid an accident. The marshals do not have the authority to slow or stop vehicles.

 Prizes and prize giving

Overall (i.e. any age; 18 and above)
1st M = £400
1st F = £400
2nd M = £175
2nd F = £175

Age 18 - 39 Category
1st M = £150
1st F = £150
2nd M = £75
2nd F = £75

Age 40 and over Category
1st M = £150
1st F = £150
2nd M = £75
2nd F = £75

If you are one of the overall winners then your age category prize is already included in your overall prize. For example, if the 1st F overall is 41 years of age (£400) and the 2nd F overall is 45 years of age (£175) then the 3rd placed F will receive £150 if she is aged 18-39 (as 1st F in the age 18-39 category) but nothing if she is aged 40 and over as she would be 3rd F in this category. If 1st F overall is 41 (£400) and the 2nd F overall is 32 years of age (£175) then the 3rd placed F overall will receive £75 (regardless of age) as the 2nd placed F in whatever age category is appropriate.


At the finish you will receive a race medal, chocolate bar, fruit and water.


Your personal result will be posted on the StuWeb RFID Timing website hopefully by the Monday following the race, on under ‘Results’ where you will also be able to print off a certificate for the race! You will also be able to get your provisional time immediately after finishing the race by going to the runner enquiry kiosk where you can take away a printed receipt of your achievement!

 In addition

From 10:00am to 4:00pm a Family Fun day will be taking place on the front lawn for your family and friends to enjoy whilst you are running. Food will be available in the Home Farm Café. Toilet facilities can also be found in the Home Farm Café with additional facilities located nearby the start/ finish line.