Scotland's Stories is an exciting new project the National Trust for Scotland has developed using new media to bring Scotland's heritage to the widest possible audience. A total of twenty Stories are told using a mixture of sound-recording, photography, video and special effects. Each story will be told by Trust staff, enthusiasts or volunteers who work with the National Trust for Scotland. They aim to give an insight into the secret stories of Scotland - the behind the scenes activities that happen on a daily basis but which the visitor might not come into direct contact with. They share the personal enthusiasms and thoughts of those who work for the Trust and help to maintain its properties and estates. They tell Scotland's Stories online through two approaches: soundslides and vodcasts.

Soundslides are a new story-telling approach through a series of images and a spoken sound-track taken from on-site recordings, without a narrator. Soundslides have a broad appeal, both for existing members but also for those planning a visit to Scotland and a property managed by the National Trust for Scotland. They provide individual insights which are not only visually sumptuous but through narrative and sound effects aim capture a sense of place and purpose.

Vodcasts are the video equivalent of a podcast and will combine video with on-site interviews on contrasting subjects.

Scotland's Stories will provide an engaging insight into the passion and commitment of the people who look after Scotland's heritage.