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The buildings at Threadneedle and St Andrew Streets will become home to a small number of adults with physical and learning disabilities. They will not be open to the public, but we want to involve people from the local community in what we are doing. So we have been working in a series of collaborations with local groups, schools, artists and craftsmen to deliver a drama production, garden gate, artwork for display in the house and an exhibition. You can find out more about each of these and how you too can be involved below.

Working with schools

We are bringing together pupils at Peterhead Academy and Peterhead Central Primary School, local artists and craftspeople and the residents to learn from each other and work collaboratively to produce a new entrance gate and artwork for the Threadneedle Street building. These exciting and inspirational projects will expand the pupil's creative horizons and increase their understanding of the needs and aspirations of the residents.

Garden Gate click to view
The Iron Horse, Carn Standing's most recent sculpture, produced in collaboration with Paul Starr
We have commissioned sculptor Carn Standing and Paul Starr, a blacksmith, to work with S3 Technology students at Peterhead Academy to design and make a garden gate for the buildings at Threadneedle and St Andrew Streets.

Paul will demonstrate traditional blacksmithing techniques using the on-site facilities at Peterhead Academy and Carn will work closely with the students to support their creativity (taking as their inspiration the story of the houses and the town) and to increase their understanding of the potential of materials, design and construction.

We are pleased that Carn and Paul live within 40 miles of the building site and that some construction will take place in situ at the Academy. Our aim, as far as possible, is to produce a gate that has been designed and made locally. In so doing we are supporting the sustainability of the artistic community in Banff and Buchan and helping to address the shortage of traditional blacksmithing skills and absence of artist-blacksmiths in the area.

The gate will be mounted in the lane off Threadneedle Street, and will be a new public artwork for the town, sited in its historic core opposite a busy car park with people always coming and going.

We are grateful to the Banff and Buchan Arts Forum for additional funding to support the garden gate project.

Artwork for display in the house click to view
'Jemima Chillingworth is a local artist who has been working to support the residents' own photography skills and using images taken during the building works to inform the design of artworks for display in the house. As part of this project, workshops with pupils at Peterhead Central Primary School were held on 18 and 25 November when they explored different meanings of home – and started thinking about the spaces they live in and the diversity of everyone's homes in Peterhead.

We also hope to arrange a public workshop to explore similar themes with a wider range of local people. We'll post the details here when we have them, or contact us on 0844 493 2448 or if you'd like to be involved.'

Exhibition click to view
We are proposing to bring together all the learning activities that will be run in conjunction with the building project at Threadneedle and St Andrew Streets in an exhibition to be held in Peterhead in early 2011. This will be your chance to see the video of the drama production, images of the garden gate in production, the final artwork before it is installed in the house, and to learn more about the building project too.

We'll post the details here when we have them or contact us on 0844 493 2448 or if you'd like to be involved.

Drama production

The Hoose – a drama performance by the Willowbank Centre All Stars click to view
The Hoose played to sell-out audiences at the Peterhead Community Centre Theatre on 6 and 7 October 2010. The Willowbank Centre All Stars drama group were joined by Alliston Reid, one of the future residents, to explore the history of 'the Hoose' – the buildings on Threadneedle and St Andrew Streets soon to be his home.

The drama described everyday life and events in Peterhead from the late 18th to the late 19th century, portraying the prosperous whaling, spa and herring eras using drama, storytelling, song, live music and projected images. The show was devised, written, produced and directed by Morag Skene and, as well as showcasing the talents of the Willowbank Centre All Stars drama group, also featured fiddler and singer, Roddy Neilson.

The show was reprised at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 March 2011 to mark when the residents move into the 'Hoose'.

We are grateful to Artsability for part-funding musician Roddy Neilson and for recording the show.