Getting into role
Careful consideration should be given to suitable spaces when planning drama workshops.

They need not take place in “The Hall”. Often, a smaller space works well. If you are using a big hall, you might partition off an area for some of the drama work.

A large space can be intimidating and make young people feel unsure of themselves – they tend to stick to the walls for security or move in a large group, keeping friends in sight for support!

When performing or presenting scenes, a large space may be needed, of course - to accommodate both the performers and the audience. In that case, the pupils will need to get used to the space before the performance.

The classroom is suitable for pair work, and for talking over thoughts and ideas. Since this is the pupils’ own space, they will feel secure. When working on small or intimate scenes, an area created by moving desks and chairs to one side, is perfectly adequate.

Outside visits can be beneficial, increasing understanding and adding to the whole experience. When working on a historical subject such as the slave trade, for instance, a visit to a historic house or museum, will provide more background information which, in turn, can inspire the pupils.

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