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This pack has been created to help teachers and group leaders manage drama workshops with young people. There are times, however, when you might want to bring in a drama specialist.

Working with a drama expert can have the following advantages. They can:

  • offer a new perspective on a topic
  • add some different ideas and techniques
  • sort out problems and move the work along
  • inspire confidence in young people
  • provide the teacher with the chance to watch their own pupils (a chance to see how the pupils work, who they work with and gauge their level of understanding, confidence and co-operation)


  • Bringing a new person into the project can add a feeling of challenge and excitement – the pupils don’t know what to expect and therefore are more open to suggestions.
  • The specialist can encourage new skills from pupils

If you decide to appoint a drama expert for workshops, be aware of the following points:

  • Your pupils will need a fairly good knowledge of the subject matter before the workshops begin – otherwise it will be difficult for them to engage in new ideas. This can be frustrating for them and for the drama expert
  • Discuss the workshops. Allow time to prepare for them. Agree what each will provide. You should know what your pupils need to bring to the workshops – e.g. what areas of knowledge, whether they need simple props – and the drama specialist should understand your aims and outcomes
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