David Livingstone Memorial Primary School Pupils
Pupils' comments
From David Livingstone Memorial Primary School.

How did you feel about the enslaved people?

  • I felt sad because they got separated from their family
  • I felt angry because of the way they were treated
  • I felt sad because they got whipped for no reason
  • I felt devastated because some slaves were thrown overboard

How would you feel as a slave?

  • Distraught
  • Unsafe
  • Lonely
  • Uncomfortable
  • Terrified
  • Rejected by the rest of the world

Name something you remember:

  • The triangular trade route
  • That sailors on the slave ships didn't see the slaves as people
  • That the slaves got serious diseases and died
  • How badly treated the slaves were
  • How cruelly they were captured
  • How many people they could squeeze on a ship
  • That the slaves were sold at an auction
  • The slave trade was abolished in 1807
  • How horrifying it was for them

Did you enjoy creating the performance?

  • It was outstanding
  • We learned a lot of things at Greenbank House
  • It was an amazing experience
  • It was fun creating the show
  • It was great to put it on for our parents at the David Livingstone Centre
  • It was brilliant and I'd love to do it again
  • It was a great experience acting in the performance on slavery

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