Africa: Life is good
© Alistair Devine
Discuss with the pupils how people are persuaded to do something, e.g. wanting to fit in, wanting to impress, financial gain, bribery, threat.

Ask the pupils to imagine that they are now to play an important part in the Triangular Trade in the 1700s – enslaved people must be taken from Africa to work in such places as Jamaica and America. Explain about the goods brought from Scotland - such as guns, cloth, copper and brass – that were used as payment for people.

A) is an African slave trader (or raider) B) is Scottish, from the slave trade ship. B tempts A by displaying guns and other goods – which A will have if they supply people to be taken as slaves.

How people lived in Africa – where they got their food from, how they made their clothes, what type of homes they lived in, their craftwork, stories and songs, the climate

Plan and enact scene showing typical day – e.g. hunting, farming, weaving, metalworking, cooking, playing.

How would a Slave Trader capture their victims? Suggest such methods as creating a distraction, the element of surprise and entrapment.

Still Images – each pair freeze the action:
1) “Caught” Image shows how Slave Trader captures child.
2) “Help Me” – shows reaction of child.
3) “Journey to the ship” – shows suffering of child and cruelty of capture.

Small Group Improvisation
Build a scene showing two young people captured and taken to the Scottish traders (who are waiting along the coast with a big rowing boat - to take them to the slave ship). The scene should include what the young people were doing, slave traders spying on them, the slave traders plotting to catch them, the capture.

How would the young people feel? What might they be afraid of? What were the slave traders thinking?

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