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Warm ups
  1. The Hiding Game (Hide! Get down, someone’s near!) - The pupils are told that they are trying to hide from someone - however, the hiding places are totally imaginary and nothing real in the room can be used. The pupils walk round the room and when the teacher says “get down, there’s someone near” they must hide. Every time the teacher says this phrase, the pupils must mime a different hiding place.

  2. The Following Game - The pupils walk in any direction around the room. Each chooses a person in the room and tries to follow them without detection.

  3. Emotion - The pupils are asked to move round the room as if they are feeling e.g. hot, cold, tired, worried, frightened. It can help if these feelings are put into context – give the pupils a scenario. For instance (to the pupils): "You are worried – you have done something dreadful and the Head Teacher has heard all about it - what do you look like when walking down the corridor to the Head Teacher’s room to face the biggest row of your life?!"

  4. Movement - The pupils are asked to walk round the room as if crossing different surfaces – try icy pavement, boggy field and hot sandy beach. Consider the surfaces in an African rainforest, savannah or marsh – on soft grass, hard stone, marshy ground, in water up to the ankle, in water up to the knee, in water up to the knee which is murky and could be full of snakes, slime or underwater plants.
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