Support Scotland's heritage by giving now to the National Trust for Scotland

It was set up to look after historic (old) buildings and areas of countryside with special habitats. Each building or countryside area was chosen because there was something special about it.
The Trust ensures that the buildings and countryside areas are kept safe.

The Trust wants people to see these special places. people can become Members and then visit the sites free. Or they can pay an entrance fee when they feel like visiting a place.

The countryside areas are free - though sometimes we as people to pay a little for car parking.

The money paid to the Trust goes towards looking after the special buildings, gardens and countryside.

1. Belongs to the past.
2. Something that is important or famous in the past.

1. Where an animal or plant normally lives or grows.
2. A special area where certain animals or plants can grow.

1. Something that is passed down through time.
2. Traditions, or customs, passed between people over many years.