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At Drum Castle, people have heard children laughing – when there are no children around. It always happens on the anniversary of little Alexander’s death. He died at Drum in 1856, when he was just 6 years old. It’s thought that he returns to play with his brothers and sisters. Sometimes, his mother, Anna Forbes, appears in the castle, too. She looks just like her portrait which hangs in the castle.
Lizzie Robertson lived at Moirlanich Longhouse for many years. She died in 1940 but still likes to visit her old home, now and again. She’s been spotted in the kitchen, wearing a white apron and busily mixing something in a bowl. The moment someone enters the room, though, Lizzie disappears.
If you smell roses in Fyvie Castle, you’ll know that Lilias is close by. Sometimes people see her wandering down the staircase and, at other times, her rose scent wafts through the hall. Lilias Drummond married in 1580. She gave birth to five daughters – but her husband wanted sons. One day, Lilias disappeared. After a while, everyone was told that she had died. There were lots of rumours about how this had happened but her husband soon re-married. That night, the bridal pair heard someone sighing outside their bedroom window – which was strange because the bedroom was on the 2nd floor! The next morning, they found Lilias’ name etched into the window sill. You can still see Lilias’ name there.
At Crathes Castle, you might see a Green Lady wandering across one of the rooms and disappearing through a wall. She’s wearing a green dress that was fashionable in the 1700s. In Victorian times, some workmen found a baby’s skeleton beneath the floorboards in the same room. Perhaps the Green Lady is searching for her baby….
For many years, ghosts or ‘spirits’ lived in the caves below Culzean Castle, when it was still a tower house. A visitor in 1636 said that he saw footprints of men, children, dogs, rabbits and other animals in the caves. The tide washed them away each day – but they always returned. One day, the Laird’s piper offered to frighten the spirits away for good. He marched into the caves playing his bagpipes very loudly – and was never seen again. People wondered if he’d found a secret passage and become lost. But, sometimes, beneath the ground at Piper’s Brae (within the grounds of Culzean), ghostly bagpipes can be heard….
He likes to roam up and down the lanes - by the House of Dun.
He appears just before the death of a chief of the Hamilton clan – at Brodick Castle.
She died over one hundred years ago but still likes to play - at Greenbank Garden.
She wanders down the Tapestry Gallery (and through a wall where there was once a door) - at Falkland Palace.
He lived in the 1700s but sometimes returns on a white horse – outside the House of Binns.