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You need:
Glass (tumbler)
Piece of cardboard

What to do:

  • Fill the glass with water
  • Make sure the water is right to the top and there are no bubbles
  • Hold the piece of card over the top of the glass.
  • (Hold the glass over a sink or bowl, just in case!)
  • Now turn the glass upside down, still holding the card against the glass
  • Take your hand away
  • The cardboard should hold the water in the glass

The air pressure outside the glass is stronger than the water pressure inside the glass, and pushes against the cardboard.

You need:

What to do:
Say each of these 5 times very fast

  • Red car, yellow car
  • Blue bug's blood
  • She sells seashells on the seashore
  • Around the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran

You need:

What to do:

  • Rub your tummy with one hand, in a circular motion
  • At the same time, pat your head gently with your other hand
  • Try swapping hands
  • Try swapping the direction in which you rub your tummy!

You need:
1 cup of cornflour
Food colour
Newspaper to cover the table

What to do:

  • Put the cornflour into a bowl. Add a few drops of food colour. Add water by the teaspoonful and stir until the mixture is like thick mud.
  • Pick up a handful of the gooey slime. Quickly – roll it between your hands. It will become a firm ball.
  • Now hold your hands over the bowl – and stop rolling. The ball will become slime again and drop through your fingers!

You need:
Anything you want

What to do:

Try tapping out different rhythms on various things in the house – find objects that make different sounds – for instance, a table, a book, the fridge… anything you like! Tap using your fingers, hands or knuckles to get more sounds. Then try drumming to some music.

You need:
Rose petals
Some vegetable oil

What to do:

  • Collect fresh rose petals (especially ones with a good scent)
  • Put them into a small bowl with the oil
  • Cover the bowl and leave for a few days
  • Strain the oil
  • Put the rose oil into a bottle
  • It's now ready to use

You need:
Piece of paper

What to do:
Take the piece of paper

  • Roll it up and make a tube
  • Keep both eyes open
  • Hold the roll to one eye (with your hand close to your face)
  • Stare through the roll
  • Hold out your other hand - hold it flat, a few inches from your face
  • Move this hand slowly so it touches the side of the tube
  • Keep staring with both eyes
  • Your hand should appear to have a hole in it

You need:
Old magazines
Piece of paper
Pencil, crayons or felt tip pens

What to do:
Choose a photo of someone you’d like to be, from a colour magazine

  • Cut out their body
  • Now draw your face – or add a photo of your face
  • Glue them to the paper
  • Add a background or border design

You need:

What to do:
Stand so your right foot and shoulder touch the wall. Now move your left foot -try to put your feet together - without moving from the wall.

Can you do it?!

You need:
Your hair
A plastic comb
Cold water tap

What to do:
Turn on the cold water tap so that the water is running (not pouring out)

  • Comb your hair about 12 times, quite fast
  • Immediately put the comb near the water
  • The water will bend towards your comb