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How to Make a St Abbs Sonic Postcard:
  1. Visit St Abb's Head National Nature Reserve.
  2. Be careful because the cliffs are very high!
  3. Watch and listen to all the birds roosting on the cliffs e.g. guillemot, razorbill, kittiwake, herring gull.
  4. Record the sounds of the birds, wind, sea and beach.
  5. Return to school and, in small groups, work out how to re-create the sounds.
  6. Try out all sorts of things (including your own voices) to make e.g. bird calls, screeching, rustling, scrunching.
  7. Record your re-created sounds.
  8. Choose and put together your sounds to create your own sonic postcard.
  9. Now select and combine everyone’s sounds to create a class postcard.
Listen to sonic postcards created by pupils from Coldingham and Eyemouth Primary Schools.
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