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These two exhibitions formed part of the Trust's pARTicipate programme. The Learning Events Manager worked with the Learning Officers at Newhailes and Pollok House, respectively.

Sculpture at Newhailes, Musselburgh

View Sculpture at Newhailes

The landscape at Newhailes was once a highly designed and managed one: it has been described as the 'missing link' in Scottish garden design. Since the Trust's acquisition of the place in 1997, plans have been drafted for 'reviving' the landscape and returning it to its former glory. The Newhailes Historic Landscape Group has been re-convened to move this revival project forward, and to engage with local people.

One of the striking historical features of Newhailes' landscape is a series of empty plinths where statues of classical design once stood. The NTS pARTicipate programme (in support of the revival project) asked Holy Rood High School to work with the sculptor, Kenny Munro, on a special art project.

Four Advanced Higher art pupils from Holy Rood High School each worked on a 'commission' from the Trust to create their own sculptures. Each one was inspired by Newhailes' landscape and the empty plinths. The work then formed part of their art portfolios.

The sculptures were exhibited at Newhailes.

Pollok House: New Perspectives – Art Show Glasgow

View New Perspectives at Pollok House

Artists were invited to create new artworks specifically for Pollok House that had been inspired by the Pollok House collection. The art works could be either paintings or sculptures or pieces of furniture or furnishings. The response from the art community was spectacular and the standard of work very high making the selection process a difficult task. In the end, works by twelve artists were chosen instead of ten.

The selected pieces of work were exhibited at Pollok House in March, alongside or near the particular piece that had inspired it. It is intended to run another exhibition of New Perspectives in 2013.