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Scipio Kennedy - His Age?

Age on document on 6 February 1725: 28-30 years (b. 1695-97)
Age on gravestone on 24 June 1774: 80 years (b. 1694)

Therefore, he was born between 1694 and 1697

Scipio went to live with Sir John and Lady Jean Kennedy in March 1705. He was between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. He came to Scotland three years before that and lived with the Douglas family. Therefore, he first came to Captain Douglas' home when between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. Probably Scipio was between 6-8 years old when he first came to Scotland.

Scipio Kennedy - Born 1694-97 Died 24 June 1774 (aged c.80)

Further Dates

DEFINITE: Birth/Death

Douglas Kennedy (Scipio's elder son)

Born .... March 1732 Died 21 July 1781 (aged 49)

Jean Ballantine (wife of Douglas Kennedy)

Born .............1733 Died 14 December 1818 (aged 85)


Margaret Gray at Ardlochan Died (illegible) May 1783
(possibly Scipio's wife)

Clemy Kennedy at Cullean Died 16 October 1768(?)
(possibly Scipio's fifth daughter)

POSSIBLE: Marriage

1754 Kirkoswald

Betwixt David Ramsay and Elizabeth Kennedy both of this paroch married here 12 December
witnesses Alexdr & William Kennedys in Corsragall (Crossraguel)
(possibly Scipio's first daughter)