Community Outreach
Community Outreach Youth 14 to 25
Community Outreach - Youth 14 to 25

Can you remember being totally absorbed outside, experimenting and making discoveries, physically challenging ourselves and having fun? Everyone needs to be given opportunities and experiences like these for their all-round development, health, well-being, and learning.

Everyone can benefit from outdoor learning in the natural environment. For young people aged 14 – 25 it can help them to build the personal skills required to make a positive and healthy transition into adulthood and support pathways to employability.

Can’t Hold Us

The Can’t Hold Us program is designed to work with young people from diverse backgrounds to help improve social, emotional and skills development. Helping to improve these elements within an individual will support their development, socialisation and their understanding of the natural world.

The project combines outdoor learning with complementary achievement awards with a strong outdoor learning focus (e.g. the John Muir Award) which will support pathways to employability as well as positive personal outcomes for individuals. 

Counting Stars

Wild places have no barriers; the Counting Stars programme has been developed with young careers in mind allowing young people to discover nature and explore the beautiful landscapes that Scotland has to offer, improving health, well-being as well as understanding. 

Over a quarter of young carers miss school or experience educational difficulties, leading to poor academic attainment and limited career opportunities for many of them. Young carers aged 16-18 are more than twice as likely as their peers to be out of school, employment or training. All the time that these young people spend caring for someone else means their own wellbeing and their own future can be neglected. 

This fact has driven the National Trust for Scotland and to develop the Counting Stars programme to give new opportunities and experiences to young carers.

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Black Hall on hill

  Deer Arran Carer
  Boy and girl in heather
  Path Arran Carer