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Community Outreach Outdoor Learning - Primary Schools

The Community Outreach Team supports the Curriculum for Excellence by providing planned outdoor learning experiences within school grounds, in urban greenspaces and by exploring the natural heritage of properties in the care of the National Trust for Scotland.

Our outdoor learning programme connects children and young people with the natural world and fosters understanding of nature that directly supports the outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Our services are free to primary schools within areas of multiple deprivation and groups within schools that face social, cultural, financial or physical barriers.

Currently we can only support work within the Lothian’s and Angus areas and within limited areas of Glasgow.

Take Me Outside

The aim of the ‘Take Me Outside’ programme is designed to increase a Primary schools access to greenspace and nature for outdoor learning as part of the wider ‘Learning for Sustainability’ agenda.

Learning outdoors is about engaging children in many different ways. This encourages children to become involved in emotional, physical, aesthetic, spiritual and cognitive experiences as part of their learning. 

The ‘Take Me Outside’ programme uses outdoor learning to help children understand about our planet and the complex life systems it supports through observation, interaction with and interpretation of natural events and changes all year round.  Our programmes are designed with teachers to help children make connections to the world in which we live.

 Through the ‘Take Me Outside’ programme, we will support schools to understand how they can take action at local, national and global levels, to become aware of our impacts and assist in implementing change. 

The Community Outreach Team working with teachers can create continuing professional development (CPD) programmes to increase teacher’s confidence in the delivery of outdoor learning.


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