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The National Trust for Scotland Photo Library is based at Hermiston Quay in Edinburgh and is a unique collection of images that spans the complete spectrum of properties in the care of the Trust. The Photo Library contains around 250,000 colour images and 90,000 black and white prints. The collection ranges from 1870’s glass plates of St Kilda to high quality up-to-date digital images used in our guidebooks and publications. The Photo Library is the visual history and memory of the National Trust for Scotland.

The core function of the Photo Library is as an archive, which is a vital resource for NTS staff and volunteers with their many diverse specialisations. Together the Archives and the Photo Library form a vital part of our collective memory, support and professionalism of our work and have enormous potential for researchers, both within and out-with the Trust.

In charge of this extensive image collection is the Trust’s Photo Librarian. From cataloguing images to hiring photographers the Photo Librarian is the person who has overall responsibility for looking after, managing and updating the image collection. They are there to act as a conduit for image researchers to access the Trust images and are responsible for making the images as visible as possible to an international audience.

Picture researchers and buyers can contact the Photo Librarian to license reproduction rights for a particular image or range of images. Common uses for the NTS pictures are:

  • Book publication
  • Television productions
  • National newspapers
  • International periodicals
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Dissertation projects
  • Schools learning programmes
  • Tourism adverts
  • Websites

Copyright of the image collection belongs to the National Trust for Scotland and all requests to reproduce an image must go to the Photo Library. No images can be reproduced without the express permission of the Photo Librarian at the National Trust for Scotland.