Visitor Services Assistant - Bannockburn - Fixed Term Until 31st October 2019
Visitor Services Assistant - Bannockburn
Added to site: 28 June 2019
Salary: £8.75 per hour
Location: Bannockburn
Closing date: Friday 12 July 2019

1 x 40 hour contract and 2 x 20 hour contract

To welcome and maximise visitor enjoyment to the property, providing multi-functional duties including: promoting and selling Trust Membership, selling admissions tickets, operating the retail shop and controlling visitor entry/flow; facilitating their access and enjoyment.
The Visitor Services Retail Assistant is crucial to visitors? overall experience of this award-winning property and in establishing and maintaining the Trust?s reputation as a guardian of Scotland?s heritage and as the organisation that actively wants people to engage with and enjoy the properties it cares for. As a multi customer-facing role, this means that s/he directly engages visitors on arrival, so excellence of customer care is paramount as s/he must not only sell the appropriate services (Membership, admissions tickets, retail items, guide-books etc) and protect the property?s security and conservation. The Visitor Services Assistant is expected to meet (if not exceed) sales targets for Trust Memberships and guide-books. They will provide world class customer service, are expected to be knowledgeable about and actively promote other parts of the property (e.g. cafe, events,) and other nearby Trust properties, as well as providing general ?tourist information? for the locality.

Contact details:
Applications Interested applicants should contact the property for an application form and return this to, National Trust for Scotland, People Department (Applications), 5 Cultins Road, Edinburgh, EH11 4DF by mail or by email via by first post (i.e. 10.00am) on 12 July 2019.

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