Canna House has largely been preserved intact. The interiors and collections vividly reveal the characters and history of John Lorne Campbell and Margaret Fay Shaw.

Heirlooms from Dr Campbell’s family estate at Inverneill share walls, shelves and mantelpieces with those from Margaret’s family in Pennsylvania. Historic artefacts reside alongside a vast Celtic, Gaelic, Norse and Scottish history archive, amassed by both husband and wife. Dr Campbell’s wishes were that Canna House should ‘remain a centre of Gaelic traditions in music, language and folklore’.

To accommodate this archive, which is central to the house, an archive room with controlled temperature, RH (relative humidity) and light conditions has been created. The conditions in this space are now providing the best environment for the fragile archives. All of these conservation measures will ensure that Canna House and its important contents are preserved for the future.

Watch 'For the Visitors Book' poem by Kathleen Raine, on Canna House at Christmas.

Collection Conservation