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Help us in our mission to care for Scotland's most outstanding landscapes.

We're learning from history, working with nature and local communities and making these wild places even better for rare plants and wildlife, for people to make a living and for everyone who loves our countryside.

We care for Scotland's glorious natural heritage" from the storm-battered stacs of St Kilda to the serene wetlands of Montrose Basin; from the emerald isolation of Fair Isle to the sandy coves of Rockcliffe.  We are guardian to the largest landholdings of wild land, countryside and coastline of any charity in Scotland...

...and we can't do any of this without you.

We are a charity. If you join as a member, you are part of something very special. We rely on your continued generosity to help us care for Scotland's most important natural landscapes, treasured islands and rich wildlife, as well as supporting the communities who depend on them.

But looking after these treasures is a huge, never-ending responsibility and membership subscriptions only go a part of the way to meet the costs of care.  In a time where sources of public funding are diminishing, donations are an ever more important means to ensure that we can conserve these places.

Without your donations, we simply could not deliver the hundreds of projects needed to protect and maintain our natural heritage and to ensure visitors and school children have the opportunity to experience it.

We need your help: even a donation of £30 will deliver vital support where it is needed.