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The practice and philosophy of building conservation rests on a clear set of principles and processes designed to ensure a clear and standardised approach to conservation across the whole of the National Trust for Scotland's portfolio.

This involves an integrated strategy that incorporates every aspect of conservation. Adherence to these core principles ensures responsible and considerate conservation, and allows the National Trust for Scotland to lead by example in this field.

The core principles of building conservation involve the need for an extensive understanding of the property in question dependent on survey and research work. This enables an appreciation of the significance of the individual property in its own context.

Our holistic approach to conservation takes into account both tangible aspects such as the fabric of the property, but also any relevant intangible aspects. These may include historical associations, cultural significance or simply the aesthetic value of a building.

This approach acknowledges that any property is unique and consists of more than merely the sum of its parts. Fundamentally, the work of conservation requires that any actions taken must involve as little adverse impact on the significant features of a property as possible.

In this manner, the Trust's conservation work helps to ensure that future generations can continue to experience and enjoy Scotland's diverse built and natural heritage.