Places to visit



Discover this west coast world of wonderful botanicals on the shores of Loch Ewe

  • Explore this lush oasis of colour and scents, cultivated with care and a hefty dose of creativity.

  • Discover the stories of the father and daughter who created the garden in the newly opened Inverewe House.

  • Spot Scotland’s Big 5: red squirrels, red deer, otters, seals and golden eagles.

  • Encounter a world of art in the Sawyer Gallery.

  • Unearth the past by exploring archaeological and geological features on our vast landscape.

Inverewe is a place of culture and inspiration which celebrates mankind and the natural environment. It is a property of contrasts where the unexpected greets you at every corner. Marvel at our heritage garden comprising of species from across the globe, created from a barren wilderness in the 19th century. A tale of enduring love, dedication, and commitment it is a feast for your senses.

Inverewe House is now a museum with a twist. Imaginative and creative ways of portraying the past encourage you to interact with a variety of objects, play games and even take a piece of Inverewe home with you by collecting flower seeds from our seed bank. The Sawyer Gallery exhibits throughout the year, with displays which reflect the characteristics of the property, community and environment.

Framed by mountains and 2 lochs the landscape of Inverewe is one of beauty. The light and colours on our 2000 acre estate are forever changing in a setting which encourages art and creativity. Our landscape is home to a host of wildlife, flora and fauna waiting to be discovered.