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Fyvie Castle, Garden & Estate

Fyvie Castle, Garden & Estate

Where 800 years of legends reside in Baronial splendour

  • Impressive portrait collection, including works by Raeburn, Batoni, Romney, Gainsborough, Opie, Lawrence and Hoppner. 

  • Grounds include many interesting features such as a restored glass-roofed racquets court, complete with sprung floor and bowling alley. 

  • Resident ghost, Lillias Drummond, is said to haunt corridors leaving the scent of roses.

  • Gristly bust of the death mask of a murderer who was hanged is on display in the library. 

  • Live like a laird by booking the Preston Tower Apartment. 

Imposing Fyvie Castle is an excellent example of grand Scottish Baronial architecture and is filled with antiquities, armour and oil paintings.  

Art lovers will appreciate Fyvie’s rich portrait collection, including works by Batoni, Romney, Gainsborough, Opie, Lawrence and Hoppner. It also boasts one of the largest private collections of Raeburns in the world.  

Five successive families owned the castle and tradition claims that each created one of the five towers: Preston, Meldrum, Seton, Gordon and Forbes-Leith. Sadly, this is not the case, but William the Lion was at Fyvie around 1214 and later Robert the Bruce and Charles I were visitors.