Tuesday 26th May 2015
The National Trust for Scotland - a place for everyone.

Welcome to our new and exciting programme of Scottish working holidays for 2015!

A working holiday may sound like an odd idea, but you’d be surprised – the National Trust for Scotland’s Thistle and Trailblazer Camps offer more fun, excitement and achievement than you’d ever have on the average week off. If you’re passionate about conservation, getting outdoors, or simply enjoy getting your hands dirty, then read on – you could make a real difference to Scotland’s natural heritage.

Thistle Camps are residential working holidays based at National Trust for Scotland properties that help the NTS, Scotland’s leading conservation charity, to conserve and manage the historic locations under its care. Campers will live and work in some of Scotland’s most remarkable and remote places over a week or so of exciting and rewarding experiences. No prior experience is required for most of our camps, as work is always fully explained and techniques always demonstrated. The camps are made up of eight to twelve volunteers of many ages and backgrounds. As Thistle Campers you’ll be sharing your accommodation, be it a basic bothy or a luxury farmhouse, with your fellow campers, chipping in on the communal tasks of cooking and cleaning.

Our Thistle and Trailblazer Camps continue to increase in popularity and to help all of you aspiring campers find places we are increasing the number of camps we run for the fifth year running. Some highlights for 2015 include:

- Yet another record breaking year, with a total of 71 camps planned, and with the possibility of more launched next year. Remember to sign up for our short notice list if you want to hear more!

- For the archaeology lovers out there we have new projects at Inverewe and Canna, and we return to Shetland with a 13 day archaeology camp based on the wild northern island of Unst.

- Exciting practical projects, learning footpath work at Torridon and Arran, not to mention extra camps at Drum helping out with construction work!

- Kayaking is all go, with yet another kayaking camp in the offing, this time based on our glorious Torridon property.

From lowland gardens to wild mountains and remote romantic islands, there’s a vast range of working holidays for you to choose from.  

Also for 2015, we are continuing our driver discount scheme. There are many camps where it would be helpful to have an extra driver to share the load on our leaders in exchange for a 10% discount on the camp. If you are willing and able we’d like to hear from you, so please do make sure you answer the driving questions on the application form.