Help us care for the places that mean so much to so many.

The heritage of Scotland is so close to all our hearts; our majestic landscapes, rich wildlife and the stories of people who have lived in, and shaped Scotland inspire us every day. This is what we work to protect.

A gift in your Will allows you to make a significant contribution to our work, which costs you nothing today. Our care of Scotland’s cultural heritage and natural beauty simply would not be possible without your support.

Thank you.

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If you would like to know more about making a gift to the National Trust for Scotland in your Will please contact Frances Griffiths, at legacy@nts.org.uk, or call on 0131 458 0429. She will be happy to help.

Leaving a gift in your Will to charity is very easy and straight forward. Find out more about how you can remember the National Trust for Scotland by viewing our Your Questions page.

   Remember a charity in your will

Remember a Charity 

The National Trust for Scotland is proud to belong to Remember a Charity, a consortium of charities which aims to raise awareness of the positive impact gifts in Wills make to good causes across the UK.

You can visit the Remember A Charity website to learn more.