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The National Trust for Scotland is delighted to present extracts and transcripts from the handwritten diaries of Alice MacLachlan. New extracts from the diaries will be released every two weeks
St Kilda Diaries
 1- 10 December 1907

Sunday Dec. 1st:  Lovely day.  Church all day.  No news.  Good Congregations.  Knowsie & other trawler in bay at night.  Came on very rough in evening.  Scal.

Mond. Dec. 2:  No school being first Monday in month.  Knowsie passed mouth of bay on way to Soay Bank to fish.  She gave us a salute as she passed.  Lovely day.  Did not go up Baile at all as it was too rough.  Kate finished 1st ball dluth.

Tues. Dec. 3rd:  Knowsie & three other boats in bay tonight.  Dunie & I took up the Witness to all tonight.  Beau William ill in bed with “Triopheadh”!  No news.

Wednes. Dec. 4th:  Stormy.  Knowsie & other boat in Glen Bay.  Went to P.M. tonight.  Finlay Mor came in & ceilidhed & stayed to supper.

Thurs. Dec. 5th:  Knowsie & other boat in our bay.  Neil Ferguson, Dunie & men went out with letters.  Killed coilleach for Capt. Walckner & sent out the cocoanut for his kiddies.  The other boat is the Trawler Loch Ness from Aberdeen.  The Capt. of her & engineer with Capt. Walckner & brother in law all came in to dinner.  Turbot, potatoes, ham & eggs also tea.  They went up baile & Capt. Loch Ness brought a sheep from Donald McQuien 15/-.  I got a basket of cod’s roes sent in.  Gave men off boats magazines.  They came in & saw school.  In school self all morning.

Friday Dec. 6th:  Lovely day.  Dunie got his hair cut this evening.  Finlay Gillies came down for pills for his wife & Annie, both of whom are ill with the “Cratan”.  A whole lot of people are ill with it.

Satur. Dec. 7th:  Haivng a nice lazy day.  Doing odd jobs.  Knowsie & Loch Ness trawling round the point.  The “Cygnet” (Jack Wright) returned today.  I took up the remainder of Communion wine to Roenig and Bess; & went to see the others who were ill with the cold.  Finlay Gillies’ wife very ill with it.  Made her corn flour and sent her eggs.  Miss McDonald threatened with cold also.  We are having a nice treat with the cod roes just now.

Sunday Dec. 8th:  Very disagreeable day.  Three times out at church.  Everyone bad with the “cratan”.  A boat strange came into the loch.  The men say it is Rowbottom - late mate of Knowsie.  He whistled but the mend did not go out.  Another boat came in.  We think it is the Loch Ness.  The Loch Ness soon went out, so they must have got food from Rowbottom.

Monday Dec. 9th:  Busy mending dunie’s underclothing all mg. - & other odds & ends.  The sea is a sight today & is breaking over pier.  Very bad showers.  Didn’t go up baile.  Sent People’s Friend up to all the houses by the children - Dunie & I combing wool all the evening.

Tues. Dec. 10th:Knowsie & Rowbottom came in at breakfast time with their boats.  The men (dunie too) went out and were out some time.  It seems the boats got splendid hauls of fish at the point last night of huge cods.  The nets were breaking & they had to throw some fish away.  The sea was very rough & the old men were down in a wax at the young ones.  Got a cod & some delicious flat fish soles, plaice etc.  Gave Toromich McQuien papers and piece cod.  We went up the baile at night & saw the sick ones.  All are recovering.  Neil McKinnon was in when we arrived home with a crushed finger & had to dress that.  When we were up at Bhen Innes’ - Dunie persuaded her to comb & she did it splendidly.


The photos seen on this page are taken from the Milne Album, R. Milne visited St Kilda in 1907. 


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