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The National Trust for Scotland is delighted to present extracts and transcripts from the handwritten diaries of Alice MacLachlan. New extracts from the diaries will be released every two weeks
St Kilda Diaries
 1 - 10 June 1907

Sat. June 1st  Another day like yesterday.  No boats in yet.  Did not go out all day.  Cold bad.  Fearful weather. 

Sund. June 2nd  Rather better day but glass very low.  Raining.  “Joanna” & the three whalers came into bay to shelter.  One whale.  The Captain of “Johanna” and Potoch Na B. with mate came ashore but did not call here.  Finished salt mutton to-day.

Mond. June 3rd  Much better day.  Long lie in bed after bad night with coughing.  Service in church being first Mon. of month.  Dressed Donald Gillies finger after ch. & then Neil Gillies’ legs.  Hear that Ewan Gillies is going away to work at whaling station with Mr Herlafson & leaves tonight also Mr Kirkland.  Weather most unsettled.  Doing little packing.  The “Johanna” left at 8 o’clock taking Ewan and Kirkland with them.  Weather seems much more settled now and glass rising.  Kate suas baile.

Tues. June 4th  Fearful day.  East wind & a very high sea.  However the rain is pouring down in buckets so that should settle the wind.  Got three fulmars.  Kate away all day at peats.  A. Gillies (sister of Ewan) brought milk, also Minister Maide.  Latter stayed to supper along with Donald Gillies who brought me some puffin & fulmar eggs.  Doing some packing, Jars, eggs etc.  Kate brought three fulmars from Meirut.  Cold very bad yet.  Not out since Sundy.

Wednes. June 5th  Very wet but sea very calm, with little or no wind.  Good look out for “Hebrides” due tonight.  Very bad night again coughing, last night.  Came on to blow very hard during the evening.

Thurs. June 6th  Fearful morning.  The “Hebrides” came in in a perfect gale but yet the men went out for letters.  They returned with the mails & to say that the Inspector & Doctor were on board.  We had left the fire on all night so we poked it up & had tea.  The Inspector came in about 6 o’clock (a bit before) & we went out at about 7 o’clock.  Think the children did fairly well.  No tourists could come ashore the weather so awful & I don’t know how in the world we ever got on board the “Hebrides”.  The weather unspeakably bad between St. K. & Lochmaddy.  Never was so ill in my life.  Had good night &

Friday June 7th next mg. got to Castlebay & had a walk ashore.  Saw Mr Grant Deputy to Fleet of Herring boats.  Got news and invitation to Inverness.  Got to Tobermory at 7 o’clock at night.  Forgot to say we got heaps of letters & post cards & also photos (three from the McRaws) of Jeanie in her M.A. Cap & Gown.  Mr Levach & Campbell called.

* Tobermory *


June 8th  Wet day.  Cold bad so am going to stay in all day.  Saw Mrs Simpson.  Duine saw quite a lot of folks.  Mr Campbell called in morning.

June 9th Sund.  Watery kind of day again.  Duine went out to church with Flora & Archie Paterson.  I stayed in all day & had a good read.


June 10th 1907  Fine day.  Busy all day writing letters.  Mr Campbell called.  Went out after tea for a walk.


The photos seen on this page are taken from the Milne Album, R. Milne visited St Kilda in 1907. 


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St Kilda 1906
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St Kilda 1907
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  Read more about Alice and her hometown of Haddington in a post on the East Lothian Archive blog.  

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