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The National Trust for Scotland is delighted to present extracts and transcripts from the handwritten diaries of Alice MacLachlan. New extracts from the diaries will be released every two weeks
St Kilda Diaries
 9 - 31 January 1908

Thurs. Jan. 9th:  Still no boats in.  No news worth noting.  Kate up again at Meirut’s combing.  Neil Gillies came down to have his finger dressed.

Friday, Jan. 10th:  Plenty of boats abt. but none coming in.   Had Don. Gillies to tea & Dunie & D. went up together while I stayed in very bad with neuralgia.  Finlay Gillies came down to supper & to show me abt. dunie’s “blanket” pants which F. presented to him.  I not much wiser.

Saturday, Jan. 11th:  Quite a lot of boats in when we waked up.  The Princess Melton among the rest so we got word of the Knowsie which had broken down & took a week to reach Aberdeen.  Capt. Walkner trying to get another boat.  Princess brought letter bag.  Got a good few & a lot of papers.  Got soles from “Cornelia”, thanks to Donald Gillies.  Invalids better we hear.

Sund. Jan. 12th:  No news.  Out at church and S.S.  Then nice night alone D. & I.

Mond. Jan. 13th:  Stormy day.  Boats, eight or nine, sheltering in bay.  Dunie up seeing the sick folks, and there are so many.  Neuralgia v.b.  Indoors.

Tuesday, Jan. 14th:  Better day.  Princess Melton in, & two ashore.  Captain Craig in for a little.  Neuralgia very bad.  Not out.

Wednes. Jan. 15th:  First thing a new boat came in with great whistling.  The men all thought it was Capt. Walckner & so it was and we were so glad.  I went to School & dunie went out.  I got such a parcel of sketches & all sorts.  Got a cake from Dundee from Miss Moir, Dunie got “Omar Kyham” - & Kate a Picture Postcard Album. Capt. Walckner sent me Aberdeen Speldings, Case Scotch - & roes.  Got some letters also.  Feeling much about the same.  Kate bad with cratan.  John Gillies’ wife is very bad.  Got another p.P.C. from Mr. Milne.

Thurs. Jan. 16th:  Rather rought day.  I expected the Capt. of Princess Melton in but the men did not go out as the Pier was rather bad.  Dunie went up the Baile tonight to see the invalids.  I am feeling better.  The two lambs went together to the stream for their meridian.  The taming of her is a great feat.

Friday, Jan. 17th:  Better day.  Two or three boats in.  Capt. Princess Melton came in and gave the children a gramophone entertainment, which delighted and charmed them.  Children got oranges.  Cornelia in bay.  Had the skipper and William McDonald to tea.

Saturd. Jan. 18th - Feb. 2nd:  No diary kept between these two dates owing to being ill myself with neuralgia & everything else under the sun.  The whole village has been ill with a kind of influenza.  It got its grip on poor old Bess, and carried her off in less than two days.  It comes on with shivering & one has a very sore head.  This is one of the chief symptoms together with very sore back & bones.  The majority of the people had violent vomiting.  School of course closed from Wednesday Jan. 22nd until Tues. Feb. 4th.  Bess died on Tuesday night, Jan. 28, & was buried on Jan. 31st.  Dunie has been very bad as well.  For the worst case at present is Beau Finlay Gillies, who has the most fearful incessant cough.  This cough with (sac) as they call it is one of the symptoms of the sickness.  (B.M.B. from 21st Jan. to 24th).  My latest caora from Soay died in the interval from water in the head.  Have not been up the village since 3rd of Jan. when I went up the village with peppermints to everybody.  We have had such heaps of boats in the bay.  Sometimes 14 trawlers, Capt. Walckner is now away from Fraserburgh Tr. Co. and is on the St. Machar, same line as the Princess Melton.  Busy making wool ruffle for self.


The photos seen on this page are taken from the Milne Album, R. Milne visited St Kilda in 1907. 


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  Read more about Alice and her hometown of Haddington in a post on the East Lothian Archive blog.  

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