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National Trust for Scotland Members' Centres and Friends' Groups are run by members for members. They are local groups of like-minded people who come together to share interests and find out more about the National Trust for Scotland. They offer a varied year-long programme of talks, outings, holidays and social events.

Members' Centres have been supporting the National Trust for Scotland for 40 years. They provide a very valuable contribution to the Trust, giving financial and practical support, including fundraising, recruitment, property guiding and conservation at a local level.

Most groups are individually registered charities in their own right and each year raise large sums of money to support the work of the National Trust for Scotland. As one of Scotland's leading conservation charities, the Trust relies on its member's, donors and supporters to help maintain and conserve Scotland's heritage for future generations to enjoy.

There are 39 National Trust for Scotland Member' Centres, Members' Groups and Friends' Groups: 37 throughout Scotland, 1 in Cambridge and 1 in London.

We invite you to join and share in your local Members' Centre or Friends' Group Programme.

More information can be found on the Members' Centre / Friends' Group website