Bennet House- A Study House in Culross

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Bennet House- A Study House in Culross

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Bennet House is named after its owner James Bennet who is identified along with his wife Euphemia Spittal on the marriage inscription above the main door of the property. The building, though much altered, traces its origins to the later sixteenth or early seventeenth centuries when much of the historic burgh of Culross was established.

The building, in an earlier phase, is thought to be represented on an engraving published in 1693 by John Slezer, titled 'The Prospect of ye House and Town of Colross'.

Evidence of the building’s antiquity can be seen in its shorter north gable with embedded scrolled skewputts and fore-stair. At some point the building was extended to the south, perpendicular to the ancient shoreline and harbour, and it can be inferred that the property served a mercantile purpose.

Records show that James Bennet acquired the building in a derelict state in 1791 and rebuilt its southern portions to form a polite dwelling. The house was subsequently raised to a full two storey height at some point in the mid nineteenth century while the wallhead of the older north portion was also raised. Further alterations were undertaken in the 1980’s, particularly to the ground floor and north wing in order to provide modern services.

The property was left vacant for almost twenty years and became in serious need of repair, with the roof holed in places leading to localised decay and the north gable at risk of collapse.

In acknowledgement of the building’s significance, Historic Environment Scotland has granted the building a Category B Listing.

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