Securing the future of our past

The Trust’s five-year strategy, Securing the Future of Our Past was endorsed by members at the Trust’s 2011 AGM and sets out our vision and objectives until spring 2016.

The strategy was written in response to the recommendations of the 2009/10 Strategic Review of the National Trust for Scotland led by the Rt Hon Sir George Reid.


The strategy has strategic objectives covering:

• The portfolio and its conservation;
• The promotion of Scotland’s heritage;
• Financial sustainability;
• Visitor enjoyment, and;
• Investment in our people.


It also sets out eight cross-cutting strategic priorities:

• Undertaking a Property Portfolio Review;
• Advocacy for the conservation of our heritage;
• Signature projects;
• Innovative micro-projects;
• Membership and engagement, and:
• Skills development. 

  Delivering the Strategy  
  The Trust’s five-year strategy is being delivered in annual increments.

The first annual delivery plan for 2012/13 was entitled ‘Sowing the Seeds’, the one for 2013/14 was ‘Taking Root’,  2014/15 was ‘Growing’ and the current one for 2015/16 is ‘Flowering’.

The horticultural theme continues all the way until 2016/17 with the plan for that year to be entitled ‘Harvest’   

  A Place for Heritage?  
  With the Trust now coming towards the end of delivering the current five-year strategy, and some of its key objectives achieved, it is now time to look beyond 2016. We need to determine the longer-term shape of the Trust in the context of a difficult and ever-changing operating environment.

Last year we launched a debate called A Place for Heritage?  This year we are moving things on towards presenting an outline of a new vision and strategy for the Trust from 2016/17 onwards to be presented at the 2015 AGM before being finalised at the following year’s AGM.  You can offer your views on what the strategy needs to do here

   Download our 5 Year Strategy  
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