Regional Groups

The Four Regional Groups represent:

· The Highlands and Islands

· The North-East

· Eastern Scotland

· Western Scotland

The groups are fundamental to the Trust's objectives of improving local engagement and accountability, as well as explaining the importance of natural, built and cultural heritage to every Scot.

Groups will meet as often as determined by conveners but no less than twice a year. Convenors and group members will serve for up to four years.


Regional Groups consist of between eight and fifteen members of the National Trust for Scotland who will:

Act as ambassadors within their geographical area

Seek and feed back the views of local people

Network with community representatives and organisations

Ensure communities in their area are aware of the Trust's aims, objectives and conservation activities

Promote the importance of local and national heritage and the value of joining and supporting the Trust to ensure its care

Support fundraising activities

Take the lead in organising events such as Local Assemblies

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