Support Scotland's heritage by giving now to the National Trust for Scotland

Scotland and Canada are natural partners. From the 1600's to the present day Scots have played a significant role in shaping Canada – from prime ministers and famous scientists to inventors, cultural icons and shared place names. The links are easy to see throughout Canada; in Canmore, Banff, Airdrie, Biggar and Hamilton to name a few and in the strength of support enjoyed by many Scottish societies across Canada.

Building on the relationship between Scotland and Canada, the Canadian National Trust for Scotland Foundation was established in 2009 with one vital purpose - to help Scots-Canadians and Canadians with Scottish heritage to maintain a close connection with Scotland.

Over 4.7 million Canadians list themselves as Scottish in origin. Today, more than ever, Scotland's heritage needs safekeeping and we look to Scots in Canada who love Scotland and wish to help.

Think about your fondest memory of Scotland - or a memory passed on from previous generations - and make a donation in celebration of its significance to your family.

Support the Foundation and keep the connection strong.

You can now make a (tax-deductible) donation in Canada to the Canadian National Trust for Scotland Foundation. For further information about the Canadian National Trust for Scotland Foundation, please contact us:

Board of Directors

In writing: Canadian National Trust for Scotland Foundation, c/o Collins Barrow Toronto, 11 King Street West, Suite 700, Toronto, ON, M5H 4C7