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The Little Houses Improvement Scheme (LHIS) is a branch of the National Trust for Scotland's Buildings Department that works to save, restore and regenerate historic and vernacular domestic buildings throughout Scotland.

The LHIS was designed to address the threats posed to buildings on a smaller scale compared to the Trust's more well-known castles and country houses, but no less important to the architectural and cultural heritage of Scotland. LHIS projects are usually undertaken where buildings of importance are under threat of dereliction, decay and neglect.

The buildings are often in historic townscapes, where neglected and dilapidated buildings of any period contribute to a general air of neglect and degeneration. Conversely, a sympathetic restoration to a building of architectural merit can have benefits beyond saving the individual fabric, often leading to wider regeneration and renewal of local pride.

The LHIS is a Building Preservation Trust and a member of the Association of Preservation Trusts.